Humectant, hydrating, softening


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Our glycerin is of vegetable origin and has the appearance of a thick and viscous, transparent, odorless liquid. The greatest use of glycerin is in the cosmetic field: this product with emollient and moisturizing properties is in fact increasingly used for do-it-yourself products.

In fact, glycerin absorbs water into its structure, creating an inhospitable environment for microbes. This function is of primary importance in the cosmetic industry because the vast majority of cosmetic formulas have high percentages of water. To make these products easy to apply and glide on the skin, it is essential to use a substance such as glycerin, which retains the water in the preparation and prevents the cosmetic product from drying during storage and subsequent consumption. Furthermore, glycerin added to the normal cream enhances its moisturizing effect by protecting the skin from dehydration and promoting the regeneration of epidermis cells.

Unlike what is often read, glycerin does not dehydrate the skin and it is not the dosage that limits its use: it is the correct balance with the other ingredients of the formula that creates a functional recipe. Lastly, glycerin is an excellent substance for nourishing dry hair, especially for those with curly hair as it helps regulate and keep it hydrated, giving it elasticity and softness. It is recommended not to apply it alone but to associate it with shampoos or conditioners.