Skin, body & hair lotions

Very delicate dermatologically tested cleansers for sensitive skin and suitable for the care of the face, body and hair of the youngest children. They can be used from the first bath onwards!

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Face, body and hair cleansers for babies and toddlers

From the first bath onwards, the skin of little ones needs delicacy and nourishment: for this reason we have chosen the best ingredients to formulate the products dedicated to them. The Organic Body and Hair Baby Wash is ultra-delicate and is ideal for gently cleansing the little ones and preserving the delicate physiological balance of delicate and sensitive skin. No burning eyes, no tears, just bubbles and lots of nature!

To the diaper change cleaner, the Gentle Cleansing Wipes, the Strawberry Toothpaste to give the fairy perfect milk teeth and the extra virgin cream wash or neutral soap, then add 100% pure rice starch, for the first baths.

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