Sometimes deciphering the INCI list (the ingredients of a cosmetic) seems an impossible task. Fortunately, many tools have emerged that help us understand whether they are harmful or not (see here). The limit? Often they offer concise evaluations and do not explain to us what it is and why a certain judgment is made.

The ingredients allowed in cosmetics are about 8,000: we do not have the ambition to analyze them all, but we start with the most used, from those that, in general, we find in the first places of the INCI lists.

Our INCIPEDIA is an alphabetical index that helps you to know more about many cosmetic ingredients, a work in progress (one INCI per day) also fueled by your requests. With INCIPEDIA you can learn more about the ingredients we use in our recipes: officinal herbs, essential oils, natural butters, oils and a series of more elaborate ingredients (surfactants, emulsifiers and preservatives), but still safe and allowed in biocosmetics. And also why we prefer not to use some ingredients.

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