"Biostorie" Flagship stores

Biostorie, our flagship stores where you can experience
all our cosmetics and fabulous scents at first hand!

What are the Biostorie?

Biostorie is a network of places where you can discover the history of our conscious cosmetics and create some fragrant new stories together. Our Biostories are where our values - passion, ethics, sustainability, craftsmanship and love for the earth - come to life. That's why we feel the term “stores” is reductive. These are places where you can stop by, find out about our supply chains, learn about ingredients, and try our products!

In our Biostories, you can see, touch and smell our whole world. Each month, you can take part in lots of different events, where our Beauty Experts will be ready to pamper you, help you build your beauty routine and create customised cosmetics!

What you’ll find in our Biostories

QUALITY: traceability and sustainability of all our cosmetics

KNOWLEDGE: awareness and training

DISCOVERY: origin of the raw materials and quality of the ingredients

CREATION: tips and courses to make your own cosmetics

ANALYSIS: consultations and digital analyses to find out what your skin and hair needs

ENGAGEMENT: experts, but also friends, ready to support you in your conscious choices

AFFECTION AND SHARING: a #lasaponariafamily that will welcome you with open arms!

Our stores

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