The beloved Biodeo de La Saponaria are the natural and organic deodorants that take care of us in a natural way!

Also suitable for the most sensitive skins, their effectiveness lasts throughout the day

Grace - Biodeo Refill

Mild deodorant for sensitive armpits. Cornflower & Marigold. No perfume...


Alaska - Biodeo Refill

Sport deodorant for long-lasting fresh armpits - Lime, Tea Tree & Sage -...


Cotton Cloud

Solid mild Biodeo for sensitive skin Marigold & rice. Fragrance-free



Solid long-lasting deodorant. White thyme & tea tree. Fresh and energising...


Summer Crush

Solid deodorant for wild armpits. Tangerine & Grapefruit. Exotic and fruity...


Biodeo Sweet Hug

Solid deodorant for sensitive skin. Murumuru & Rose. Floral fragrance


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Biodeo: natural deodorants that really work

Finding a natural deodorant that really works is one of those situations where you can sometimes find yourself: if we all agree that the ingredients to avoid in deodorants are antiperspirants, synthetic antibacterials, aluminum salts, alcohol , silicones or mineral oils, sometimes we may still be tempted to use a deodorant that contains one or more of these ingredients because they seem to be the only ones that work.

Since Biodeo arrived, however, this problem has finally been solved! Now we have natural deodorants that contain healthy and effective ingredients such as antibacterials of natural origin, aloe vera, natural extracts, natural essential oils and vitamin E. They are suitable for the most delicate skins, they can be used immediately after epilation, they are dermatologically tested on sensitive and are long lasting. The texture is creamy and available in two variants, Fresh and Soft. From the SativAcion men's line, but also very suitable for all women, there is the hemp spray version.

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