DIY cosmetics kits

Neutral bases ready for self-production designed for all those who would like to start spignatting but don't know where to start. Self-production has never been easier! If you need some ideas to develop with DIY COSMETICS, you can find several recipes on our DIY Recipes blog.

DIY Cream

Organic neutral base cream


DIY Soap

Organic neutral cleansing base


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Self-production has never been easier!

Precisely with this aim, to make self-production within everyone's reach, we have created our legendary DIY line! Why this name? DIY is the acronym of "Do it yourself" that is "Do it yourself": it is not just a viral term but a real lifestyle that embraces a type of genuine, tailored and customized cosmetics.

But where to start? Isn't there a risk of making a mess? Not with DIY Cream and DIY Soap, the neutral bases that can be used pure, as they are, or as a starting point for producing customized creams and cleansers without embarking on long and complicated preparations: the dream of all budding spignattaros!

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