Our grandmother's stories, our passion for good, wholesome things, our desire to do our best to leave a light footprint on the road we travel and to make the most of our studies: these are just some of the ingredients that shaped La Saponaria.

We took our first steps within the Pesaro GAS (Ethical Purchasing Group), producing natural soap, and it was all go from there: creams, shampoos, bath and shower gels, massage oils...all artisanal products, made from extra-virgin olive oil and organic and fairtrade ingredients.

Behind each recipe is the tradition of self-production, collaboration with small local growers and an on-going search for ingredients and formulas that are environmentally friendly, gentle and effective on our skin.

And behind every recipe is our fantastic team, made up of special and passionate people who put all of themselves into the things they do and who truly believe that a cleaner world is possible!

Our team