Hair masks

In this section you can find natural and organic hair masks. Discover light and clean hair for a long time watch it shine with health in a natural way!
Don't have time for long exposures? You are in the right place to discover your next never again without!

Castor oil

Ricinus Communis Oil (100% pure)


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Organic and natural hair masks to enhance your hair routine

Natural, organic and green hair masks can deeply nourish the hair giving it shine without weakening or weighing it down.

Often, even those who love organic and green cosmetics give in to silicone-based hair treatments, in the false belief that nothing can compete with these ingredients for the shine that is obtained on the hair. In reality, silicones form a patina on the hair which gives it shine immediately, but in the long run it dehydrates it, not allowing water to enter. This is why organic hair masks can really change our hair in depth, giving it new health. To find out more about silicones in cosmetics and therefore evaluate their possible use, you can read the article on our blog.

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