Body creams

Discover the organic body creams of La Saponaria: you can find them for super dry or sensitive skin and also in solid format, ideal for those looking for a zero waste and plastic free life. For beautiful, hydrated skin without weighing on the planet.

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Organic and nourishing body creams for a dream skin

For nourished and velvety body skin we can choose an organic and natural body cream, rich in active ingredients and virtuous ingredients capable of deeply hydrating. If our skin is normal or mixed, we can choose a body cream with a light texture and a flaming and emollient formula based on ingredients such as blueberry, burdock and calendula. If, on the other hand, our skin is dry and tends to flake, we can choose a rich and soft cream, formulated with super nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, shea and flower and fruit extracts, used in combination with vegetable oils and butters such as almond oil, avocado, jojoba, coconut or shea butter, to be used alone or mixed with your body cream.

When to apply body cream? Every day, preferably after a shower. To apply the body cream in an ideal way, just take a knob of cream, massage it with circular movements useful to reactivate the circulation and continue until completely absorbed.

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