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A line specially designed for men's hair care: based on the latest generation of active ingredients, it works on the well-being of the scalp, guaranteeing an anti-hair loss action. The products can also be used by women looking for anti-hair loss action in shampoos and lotions.

Anti-hair loss Shampoo

Shampoo against hair loss with stimulating and strengthening action based on...


Anti-hair loss Lotion

Treatment against hair loss based on Rosemary, prebiotics, Caffeine and Hair...


Minikit Hair - Forza

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Men's hair care: anti-fall lotion and shampoo

Stress, use of chemical and aggressive products, diseases, genetics, food shortages, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalances: there are many causes that lead to hair loss. The phenomenon affects men more than women, but even these are not totally excluded. Now the Anti-Hair Loss Lotion comes to our aid, a concentrate of astonishingly effective active ingredients to counteract hair loss and the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, a real concentrate of natural active ingredients with a stimulating and strengthening power.

And for those who like to use only one product in the shower? There is the All in One Shower Shampoo, a complete 360° product that cleanses, tones and hydrates.

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