Face masks

Discover all the La Saponaria face masks to take care of your face naturally!

Masks in cream, fabric, alginates and the famous white and green clays to meet every need of your skin.

Peel-off Face Mask

A peel-off mask that’s easy to prepare and personalise, for radiant, velvety...



Bamboo brush for facial treatments


White clay

Kaolin. Characteristics: soothing and decongestant.


Green clay

Solum Follonum. Characteristics: purifying and healing.


Eye Mask Kit

The kit for a perfect anti-aging and illuminating eye mask

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Face masks: the shock treatment for the most beautiful skin ever

Face masks are concentrated and targeted cosmetic products, specially formulated to counteract different types of blemishes that usually affect the skin of the face. The regular use of face masks gives the skin a fresh, relaxed and purified appearance, after these treatments the skin appears luminous, smooth and elastic.

There are different types of masks: cream, tissue, peel-off or clay. All masks should be applied 1 or 2 times a week on a clean face and you can choose the most suitable mask for your skin or, with cream masks, also do multi-masking, spreading masks with specific treatments for the different areas of our skin.

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