Natural soaps

Natural soaps are our first love: we started from here, formulating natural soaps with extra virgin olive oil. Even today, in our laboratory, we create soaps following a 100% artisanal process and we cut each soap by hand.

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Natural soaps with extra virgin olive oil: La Saponaria was born from here

Luigi and Lucia, the founders of La Saponaria, started right from formulating soaps: the first experiments were born in the attic of the house with the supervision and advice of grandmother Gina. Tradition and innovation merge, ancient knowledge mixes with the desire to discover and experiment with new ecological and sustainable solutions and ingredients.

IThe first to believe in this project? The friends of GAS in Pesaro, the first to whom we sold our soaps. Even today, in our laboratory we continue to create our soaps with the traditional cold method and each soap is cut by hand.

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