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On our website you can choose between various payment methods, all 100% safe. You can pay with:

1. Advance bank transfer

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, you can complete the order by making a transfer to the account in the name of La Saponaria at these coordinates:

IBAN IT93E0882668430000000007984 indicating the order number in the reason for payment.

2. 2. Any credit card with Nexi

Choose this method to pay with any credit card. You will be redirected to the Nexi website and you can follow the procedure to proceed with the payment.

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5. Cash on delivery

You can pay by cash on delivery when the package will be deliveder by the courier. In this case, the delivery of the package by cash on delivery costs €3. Cash on delivery is free for orders over € 200.


Our cosmetics are all designed and produced in Italy. The production is handcrafted by qualified staff at our laboratory located in Pesaro, in the Marche region.

Our production fulfills all legal obligations required by the Ministry of Health and complies with the Italian and European cosmetic production standards.

In the recipes of our cosmetics we use only natural raw materials that are admitted by the strictest standards of Italian and European organic cosmetics. The cosmetics are certified organic as they are subjected to the controls of "CCPB", one of the main and most stringent certification bodies operating in Italy and Europe.

La Saponaria has never carried out or commissioned third party tests on animals and does not use raw materials tested on animals. Tests for the skin compatibility of our cosmetics are carried out under medical supervision exclusively on human volunteers and not on animals.

Further information on this topic can be consulted by clicking here.

Our cosmetics are also suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten, because the substances present in a cosmetic remain on the skin and are not digested, as is also explained very well on the AIC website: "It is now proven that cosmetics and detergents, even those sold in pharmacies, are not harmful either for celiac or for those suffering from herpetiform dermatitis, even if they contain gluten, as their use is topical (skin, hair, lips, eyes, oral cavity, etc.) and does not imply any contact with the intestinal mucosa (these are not products to be ingested). Therefore, even for cosmetics and cleansings, the fact that specific indications are not necessary at all applies and if they are not present they do not constitute a risk for celiac disease. "

All our products are vegetarian: they do not contain animal ingredients of any kind and 99% of our recipes are vegan. The only exception is represented by honey and lavender soap. It is sustainable and organic honey produced by a small family-run farm located in the Romagna valleys.

Nickel is not an ingredient in our cosmetics and the raw materials we use are controlled and compliant with Italian cosmetic production laws.

From the analyzes carried out on sample production batches, infinitesimal traces were found (in the order of parts per million), therefore they fall into the category of products defined as NICKEL FREE.

However, it is not possible for us to guarantee the complete absence of NICKEL (and therefore bring the wording NICKEL FREE on the label) as by law, it would be necessary to perform specific tests on each production batch, but the craftsmanship of our small batches of production, does not allow us to bear the costs of the tests, which would affect too much on each individual product.

During the distillation of fresh medicinal plants, 2 substances are obtained: essential oils and hydrolates. All the water-soluble compounds of the plant are concentrated in the second ones.

The hydrolates are therefore nothing more than aromatic waters that preserve the properties of the plant from which they are extracted.

They are very valid beauty allies: they are in fact used mainly as tonics to be applied pure (or mixed together) directly on the skin of the face and the whole body, after cleansing and before applying the moisturizer. Some hydrolates with decongestant and soothing properties are often used to moisten cotton pads or cloth to be applied to the eye contour, lips and targeted areas.

They are used to prepare and keep moist face masks composed of herbs and clays, to enrich the aqueous phases of those who delight in the DIY process and as excellent allies for scalp and hair.

On the hair it is better to use them as a pre-shampoo treatment: apply to damp hair, leave on for about 1 hour and then wash.

As for the skin, both dry and wet are fine after a shower, it depends on habits, usually slightly damp skin conveys the absorption of oils better.

Each bottle shows the expiration date of the single raw material contained. Raw materials, including oils, do not have a real expiration date after opening (PAO), therefore, if consumed in a reasonable time and if stored properly, even after opening they last until the date expiry date indicated on the label. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight and heat sources.

The INCI of the products vary often (even if very little) both for small formulation improvements, but above all for regulatory updates (nomenclature, insertion rules change etc. ..). Therefore it may happen that there are discrepancies between the labeling of different production batches and that these are reflected in a mismatch between the INCI reported online and the real products (even more so on reseller sites for which we cannot monitor the updates). What is indicated on the label therefore refers to the content of the product.

This is a precautionary statement as all the raw materials that you can find on our site are sold as raw materials and not as finished cosmetic products and therefore subject to 1223/2009.

Therefore the products are to be considered not for direct use (hence the standard precautionary wording for raw materials) but as an ingredient to make other preparations.

Our essential oils, vegetables and some raw materials are certified for food quality by the manufacturer, but since we are a cosmetic laboratory, they can be marketed only and exclusively for external and non-food use.

In Italy, the production and sale of cosmetic products is regulated by Law 1223/2009

Finished cosmetic products, as specified in the legislation, must be safe products and must not harm the final consumer under normal conditions of use and in those reasonably foreseeable. They cannot, therefore, be considered “dangerous” and are in fact excluded from the field of application of Regulations 1907/2006, 1272/2008.

The creation of the safety data sheet in 16 points, provided for by the REACH Regulation and subsequent amendments, is mandatory for dangerous substances and preparations, to inform the worker about the risks for man and the environment deriving from their incorrect handling, and it would be incorrect to adopt it for a finished cosmetic product.

Regarding the technical data sheet, the reasoning is similar, in the sense that, as the name implies, the technical data sheet refers to the possibility that this is read and interpreted by a technician, while the cosmetics are to be considered usable to the public.

For this reason it is not possible to provide individuals with the technical data sheets of the products.

If you want to find the closest reseller to you, you can consult the find reseller section on our website.

For those who want to try our products, there is the possibility of purchasing one of our minikits at the modest price of 5 euros!

You can choose the one that best suits your skin and needs.

The minikits are back in limited numbers every 1st day of the month!

By glyceric extract we mean the plant macerated in a solution of water and glycerin of vegetable origin, while glycolic extract means that the plant is extracted with propylene glycol which is a petroleum derivative

All our products are very delicate and therefore also suitable for pregnancy, unless you are aware of some specific allergy, in this case we recommend checking the inci list with your doctor.


If you want to become a reseller of our products you can make the request directly on our website, by filling out the "become a reseller" form that you find on the home page, or by sending us an email to [email protected], indicating the details of your shop, company name, VAT identification number and full address.

As soon as we have verified the suitability of the store, we will send you the price lists and conditions of sale.

No, in order to resell our products it is necessary to have a VAT number.

You can fill out the order directly on our website by accessing the area reserved for resellers, it is the fastest and safest way, it also allows you to see the availability of the products in real time. In order to place the order you must register as a reseller and wait for our enabling (this is a necessary condition), from that moment on, by accessing the website with your credentials, you will see the prices reserved for you and you can place your order simply by adding the products in the cart. You can also use the Quick Order for easier order management.