Discover the eco-friendly toothpastes of La Saponaria, designed to take care of the teeth of the whole family. There's the strawberry one designed for the little ones and to give the fairy perfect baby teeth, the ginger one, homeocompatible, and the mint one, whitening and refreshing!

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Our organic toothpastes are fluoride free

There are 3 Bio&Smile toothpastes and they are designed to take care of the teeth of the whole family. They do not contain petrolatum, sles and fluorine, which remains a controversial ingredient: while on the one hand it is useful for strengthening the enamel, it causes numerous problems if it is ingested. Its use is forbidden in products for children and it is in any case an ingredient to keep an eye on even for adults.

A safer alternative? Hydroxyhepatitis! A mineral that makes up 90% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentin and which, thanks to its characteristics, gives these tissues hardness and consistency.

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