Pure Actives

These are very pure face serums with surprising efficacy, with a common keyword: anti-aging. Each one has a specific and targeted action, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your skin.

Their texture is watery, impalpable and very light: for this reason they adapt perfectly to any type of skin, from the youngest and most impure to the most mature and dry. They are perfect for self-production of face creams or serums but can also be used pure on the skin.

None of them are photosensitizing and can be mixed together for an amplified action or added as a booster to face creams and serums

Pure Actives

AHA Peel

Pure Active: AHA peel with acids from Italian fruit with an exfoliating +...


Coenzyme Q10

Pure Active - Moisturising, protective and anti-ageing face serum


Plant Collagen

Pure Active - Toning and lifting facial serum



Pure Active - Anti-ageing, regenerating and lifting face serum


Niacinamide + Zinc

Pure Active - Facial serum with sebum-balancing and anti-imperfection action 


Vitamin C

Pure Active - Illuminating and anti-blemish face serum


Pure Actives Kit

The Kit contains all the pure anti-aging Actives!

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