Making products that are effective and good for both the user and the world we live in, made of nature, people and communities who live it.

This is our mission, the spirit that guides us in the selection, formulation and production of our 100% conscious cosmetics: cosmetics that have a story to tell, made up of wonderful ingredients, sustainable projects and people dreaming together of a better tomorrow.

All our products are made in our laboratory, which has become increasingly innovative and advanced over the years.

What has not changed, however, is its artisan soul, driven by the passion and work of real people who bring their energy and positivity to what they do. These are artisan products, formulated and manufactured with loving care to offer a high standard of quality.

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The values of our cosmetics

Organic and effective certificates

We use only plant-based ingredients from organic and sustainable agriculture, so they’re easily tolerated by the skin, don’t pollute our world and protect animals.

Our R&D department studies ingredients and formulas and subjects them to rigorous testing. This is why our cosmetics are effective and compatible with all skin types.

Our products are certified organic, offering a guarantee of safety and benefits for those who use them and of low environmental impact of the products and ingredients used.

This logo is issued by the certification body CCPB, which conducts regular inspections to verify that our products are indeed natural, that what we say on the label is true, and that the raw materials used in our recipes are effectively organic.

CCPB analyses individual products and checks the entire production and ingredient supply chain before allowing the logo to be used on the label.

Animal friendly and respectful of nature

All our cosmetics are 100% vegan except one: our now legendary Honey & Lavender Soap. As you know, we stand for conscious cosmetics, so we’ve chosen honey from an organic beekeeper who 'loves his bees more than his children'.

We do not want to give up this soap, with a recipe that dates back to the time of the old traditional herbalist shop, loved so much by so many. And in a world that has become very difficult for wild bees, the only real protection that remains for these precious creatures are the beekeepers who are responsible for preserving them.

We prefer to be 100% conscious.

Our cosmetics and the ingredients we use to make them are not tested on animals, as required by European legislation: animal testing in cosmetics has been banned in Europe since 2014.

Of course, even before this date none of us would have dreamed of testing on animals. We’re all animal lovers here, and for some time now, office workers have been able to bring their pets to work!

We have always chosen lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging for our cosmetics, but in recent years we have gone a step further: our goal is to eliminate virgin plastic from our lines.

We adopt alternative materials such as glass, recycled aluminium, recycled paper, bioplastic from sugar cane, recycled re-bottle plastic and sea plastic.

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We take care of people

The ingredients in our recipes have been ethically selected, grown and processed. These products are generally local and organic, the work of small family farms or companies that promote social and labour inclusion projects.

La Saponaria supports these projects by paying a fair price for the products (generally higher than the traditional market) and with procurement contracts planned to promote sustainable agriculture.

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Products marked with this label contain one or more ingredients that come from projects certified Fairtrade by international bodies.

These are organic raw materials that come from far away (Sri Lanka, India, Peru, Morocco), for which a fair price is paid to the workers involved in the production process. In many cases, the proceeds are reinvested in the local community, in social projects or support for self-entrepreneurship.

Quality products at affordable prices that respect the work of everyone involved in the production chain. We have removed everything superfluous from the products (advertising and complicated, expensive and polluting packaging), to make them affordable for users without having to compromise on the quality of the recipes and raw materials used.

This is because we believe a change must involve many people and not just a select few! We want to make quality products available to everyone and we all want to "make the world a better place than when we found it".

Products made in Italy with love and green cosmetic processes

All our cosmetics are made in Italy in our own laboratory, where we only use green energy from renewable sources and energy-saving technologies, and have created a circular production system to minimise processing waste.

We sort waste throughout the facility, from the laboratory to the warehouse and the offices, and we have other small conscious practices that involve our whole team: for example, our coffee machine no longer dispenses disposable cups - each of us brings their own - and we have a drinking water dispenser where we can fill our own water bottles.

We strive to be sustainable and environmentally friendly in every way.

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