Packaging for cosmetics

The beauty of homemade cosmetics is also that of being able to give new life to the containers we have available: just wash them carefully and you're done! However, some things are more difficult to find at home: here is our selection of packaging with an eye, as always, on simplicity and ecology.


Sprayer for 2.03 cm diameter bottle


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Bottles and jars

One of the most beautiful aspects of self-production is that when we make a DIY cosmetic we can customize it as we like! This applies not only to its ingredients, texture and perfume, but also to its packaging!

We can give new life to packaging that we already have at home: the empty honey jar can become, after thorough cleaning, the container for the home made scrub that we have just made! But we don't always have the right pack available: here you will find bottles, jars and other accessories made of sustainable materials and ready to welcome all your DIY recipes!

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