Solid cleansers and make up removers

All the solid cleansers and make-up removers from La Saponaria to cleanse the face naturally without weighing on the planet. Formulated with precious ingredients and very rich in active ingredients, they respect the skin and the environment thanks to their zero waste and plastic free packaging.

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Perfect skincare without weighing on the environment with solid face cleansers and make-up removers

They are concentrated, solid, colorful and their formulas are super innovative: they are solid cosmetics for the face, to create a zero waste and plastic free routine! They are cheerful, full of energy and with very little water, like Hip Hip Burro, the concentrated make-up remover butter to remove even the darkest make-up and for oil-based cleansing.

In fact, with Hip Hip Butter and the Solid face cleansers, you can also perform zero waste and plastic free double cleansing, following the butter with the No Stress face cleanser, ideal for dry and sensitive skin, or Bye Bye Impurità, perfect for combination skin.

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