DIY cosmetics

Creating with your own hands a product whose composition we know exactly, we know its quality and virtues, is not only a huge satisfaction for us, but a great benefit for the environment and also for our pockets. Here you can find the raw materials we use for the self-production of natural soaps and cosmetics.

Cocoa butter

Theobroma Cacao Butter (100% pure)


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Room for creativity! Raw materials and accessories for the self-production of conscious and tailor-made cosmetics

Creating cosmetics with our own hands by mixing natural raw materials allows us to create a personalized, unique product that fully respects our needs and allows us to be aware of the ingredients that come into contact with our body.

Self-production is synonymous with savings, cheap, of course - with a few euros, a little imagination and a lot of fun you can create all sorts of cosmetics - but also for the environment: natural formulas, sustainable packs, easily available raw materials, km 0 and ready to use are the secret to taking care of our body and our beloved Earth.

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