Here's a super easy recipe to create a scented candle that will keep mosquitos away from your summer evenings! The secret ingredient of the recipe is the essential oil mix "Natural Defence"!

Don't let annoying buzzes and unpleasant pinches ruin your summer evenings! You can try and fix this by making a very simple and natural home perfumer! All you need is the "Natural Defence" new essential oils mix and a few more ingredients, and you're done!

How to fight cellulite?

Here is a simple and effective recipe for a do-it-yourself draining and anti-cellulite oil illustrated by Giorgia in this video!

We wish you Good massages :)

Maybe the destiny of colored soaps with natural infusions is to become all shades ranging from whitish to yellowish and from yellowish to brownish.

At least that's what happened to my Christmas soap ...

I was studying a red soap with white dots, in full color theme… when red turnips came to mind. And those dried pale yellow flowers of helichrysum that I had stored somewhere in the house for future use.

I suspected that the pigments contained in the red turnip reacted with the basic caustic soda… and I was sure of this when the product was finished. The soap has turned pale greenish to brownish.

Here is a simple and cute recipe for making a home-made Marseille soap using the cold method. It was Elisa, a friend of ours who suggested it.

Making soap at home is easier and gives more satisfaction than what you think: there are two methods, the hot one and the cold one. We also talk about it in our book, "Il primo sapone non si scorda mai" (The first soap is never forgotten), where you can find many recipes to start self-producing in full autonomy and awareness

We use the cold method to make Marseille soap at home:

“It was back in 2007, I still didn't know that soon I would meet Lucia & Luigi. I was already taking my first steps into the magical (I'm not kidding!) world of soap making. I had this idea in my head of a large pot on the fire, and a huge ladle to turn and turn the dense substance that was bubbling hours and hours inside ... for me the fools who made soap at home looked a bit like Maga Magò and Amelia. Instead I met Rossella, my Soap Master who made me discover cold saponification. And in 20 minutes I already had my soap there to take shape in a plastic container. And then I met Lucia & Luigi, by the sea, with one of their first stands. And I realized that there were other fools like me messing around making soaps.

The satisfaction of making your own soap is priceless. It is truly magic. "

In case of stressed hair - dry, brittle, dull or very fragile - vegetable oils are real cure-all when used as a pre-shampoo pack (see in-depth information on organic linseed oil and how to make a mask), but they are still more effective if used in synergy with each other.

To create ypur customized hair mask, the ingredients must have four fundamental characteristics to make your hair shine again: 1. be rich in essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid or linoleic acid present in large quantities in linseed, argan and wheat germ oil for a nourishing and restructuring action; 2. be rich in vitamin E (tocopherol), without which essential fatty acids are rendered ineffective by free radicals. We can use pure Vitamin E or add vegetable oils rich in this precious substance. Examples are wheat germ, macadamia and olive oil; 3. have a high presence of unsaponifiables, that is, the fraction of oil that cannot be transformed into soap. The presence of this fraction is important because it allows a better penetration of the active ingredients. Oils with a high percentage of unsaponifiables are argan, jojoba, avocado and olive; 4. perform a film-forming action, that is, be sebum-like and therefore be able to place a micro film on the hair shaft. Jojoba oil, shea butter and macadamia oil perform this action.

Taking into consideration what has been said, we can finally formulate our recipe!

Here's how to make a nourishing mask for damaged, dry hair!

If in these hot days even your feet ask for a little relief, here is a natural recipe for a refreshing footbath! With a few simple ingredients we can prepare salts with refreshing and anti-fatigue properties to be dissolved in water. In fact, the salts, when kept in a tightly closed jar, incorporate well the aromatic notes and the properties of the essential oils which will then be released into the water of the footbath. Here's how to make a very fresh recipe!

Want to perfume your hair? Here is a recipe for a super-easy scented water that you can use whenever you want. It is suitable for all hair types, from the lightest one that doesn't suffer from heavy products, to thicker one.

Do you love perfumes but struggle to find what really represents you? You can make it yourself, it's very easy! Look for an essential oil you like or create your own perfect mix. Alternatively, you can use the essences, which are a mix of essential oils and natural extracts already formulated to be balanced perfumes.

Preparing a solid perfume with essential oils or essences is really simple and immediate: here is everything you need to self-produce a 10 gram solid perfume

Do you want to perfume your home naturally? Here is a very quick recipe for self-doing a scented home diffuser. This preparation can be easily customized: just vary the type of essential oil and you will always have different fragrances!

Here is a quick and easy recipe for doing a home fragrance diffusore yourself. Once the scented mixture is ready, pour it into a narrow-mouthed glass bottle, add 8-10 bamboo sticks and voila, the fresh, herbaceous notes of Dew will spread throughout the house!

Here is a quick and easy recipe to self-produce a leg lotion with draining and nourishing properties, ideal for fighting cellulite and stretch marks naturally.

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