Organic cosmetics

Extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, medicinal plants, natural extracts: these are the ingredients of our recipes which, combined with a lot of passion, make our cosmetics simple and genuine products, effective and with low environmental impact.

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Good cosmetics for those who use them and for the environment

When we think of our cosmetics, it is not enough for us to have innovative, ecological and organic formulas with virtuous ingredients from an ethical, fair trade or KM 0 supply chain. What we want is to pay attention to all aspects of sustainability, to respect our planet as much as possible. This is why we pay so much attention to packaging and we are working on the company to eliminate virgin plastic bottles from all our productions.

We are always on the way to an impact that is as sustainable as possible: our laboratory is powered by 100% renewable energy and is super efficient from an energy point of view, our packages are plastic free and even the scotch tape we use is made of paper.


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