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Organic and ecological toothpastes, eco-friendly and zero waste mouthwashes, a whitening treatment and toothbrushes of vegetable origin with interchangeable heads. To take care of our smiles in a natural way making them healthy and dazzling and also of the environment.

Medium bristles...

2 interchangeable heads for your Bio & Smile toothbrush. MEDIUM bristles.


Soft bristles...

2 interchangeable heads for your Bio & Smile toothbrush. SOFT bristles.


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Bio&Smile: organic and sustainable oral care for the whole family

It is the small actions of each of us, repeated endlessly in our daily gestures, that can have the strongest impact on the planet. For example, it has been estimated that every year on average a person uses almost 1 kg of toothpaste and 4 toothbrushes: in Italy alone this is 60 million kilos of toothpaste and 240 million toothbrushes to be disposed of.

Bio&smile is the line of products for naturally radiant smiles and to make it easy and within everyone's reach to participate in the green revolution without giving up comfort and effectiveness. Our ecological toothbrushes with interchangeable heads, our natural and certified organic toothpastes and our almost zero waste mouthwashes are born from this idea.

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