Body scrubs

The body scrubs of La Saponaria respect nature and take care of our skin, even the most sensitive ones.

They can be used 1 or 2 times a week and ensure delicate and effective exfoliation and smooth, radiant and regenerated skin.

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Body scrub, for regenerated and radiant skin

The skin of the body, to be more beautiful and healthy, needs to be regenerated: this can be done with a delicate exfoliation which also allows us to give new energy to the skin and spirit. The body scrub is in fact a treatment that can be done 1 or 2 times a week: by massaging the skin with circular movements, the skin tissues are regenerated and the more superficial layers of the epidermis are exfoliated by light abrasion.

Natural body scrubs can be on an oily basis, such as our beloved Lemongrass and Mint Scrub or on a creamy basis, such as the Ginger and Apricot Body Scrub, but they can also be in solid format, such as the Almond and Ginger and Poppy solid scrubs and cypress. All the different types of scrubs will contain an abrasive component such as brown sugar, micronized almond, poppy seeds or biodegradable cellulose granules capable of removing dead cells and gray thoughts, making the skin soft and velvety and giving us even an energy boost in the shower. The body scrub is also great to combine with anti-cellulite treatments. The scrub can also be easily made at home, to find out how, visit our Recipe Blog


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