Hydrolates are aromatic waters obtained by distillation of freshly harvested medicinal plants which keep all their properties intact. They can be the perfect water base to self-produce cosmetics or can be used pure on the skin, alone or mixed together: they are excellent tonics.

Organic Sage Hydrolate

Revitalising, deodorising, antibacterial floral water, perfect for impure or...


Organic Thyme Hydrolate

Antibacterial, antifungal and healing floral water, perfect for impure and...


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Hydrolates: what they are and how to use them

Hydrolates keep intact all the properties of the plant from which they are extracted, and that is why their benefits are so many. Each hydrolat will have its own characteristics and will be suitable for a certain type of skin and hair. The hydrolates can be used pure or mixed together, to exploit their different properties.

They can be used as face toners, spraying them directly onto cleansed skin to prepare it for receiving face serums and creams, as a base for face masks, as a decongestant compress for tired eyes and skin, and also on hair, as a last acid rinse or for dilute the shampoo: they give the hair softness and shine.

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