Welcome to our Bioteca, the bio-library of La Saponaria! Here you will find many ideas and materials to learn new things and deepen topics around the world of organic.

There is our Beauty blog, which contains many articles on beauty routines, skin care, body care and hair, where you can learn more about issues related to the world of cosmetics.

Then there is our Incipedia, our Glossary where you can find the history and function of all the wonderful ingredients with which we create our conscious cosmetics.

We also have our historic recipe blog, a collector of fantastic recipes for self-production of cosmetics. Are you trying to understand how to use a raw material? Search here!

If, on the other hand, you need to understand more about your beauty routine, you can book a free video consultation with us or you can take one of our tests! Have fun!

Have fun with us:

Beauty blog

A space entirely dedicated to deepening and discovering beauty, full of advice and curiosities concerning beauty and wellness all-round!

Scrolling through the articles you will realize that skin and hair are the undisputed protagonists, but there is certainly no shortage of forays into ethics , sustainability and virtuous initiatives , all current issues that are very important to us.

Our pen is constantly guided by passion, rigorous research and the desire to share knowledge and ideas with anyone who needs or wants it!

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A real glossary of all the cosmetic ingredients with which our products are formulated, no one excluded!

For what purpose? Through the Incipedia we want to make available to everyone a tool that is simple to use and clear in its contents, useful for anyone who wants to deepen the function and the use of our ingredients.

We also want to tell you about the origin and the history of each of them, highlighting and enhancing the many virtuous realities behind our recipes rich in nature !

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