Face scrubs

Discover all the exfoliants and face scrubs of La Saponaria for a renewed and brighter skin in a natural way!

AHA Peel

Pure Active: AHA peel with acids from Italian fruit with an exfoliating +...


Pure Glow face lotion

Perfecting and exfoliating. Face lotion with 4% shikimic and succinic acid +...


Face - Impure skin routine

The complete beauty routine for impure, combination and oily skin

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Facial skin exfoliation: why it's important

Facial skin exfoliation is a very important step in your skin care because it removes dead cells and impurities from the facial skin, promotes cellular renewal of the epidermis, facilitates the penetration and absorption of the cosmetics that we are going to apply after the treatment and makes the skin smoother, softer and more luminous.

There are different ways to exfoliate the skin, among these we have the face scrubs, which allow exfoliation through small abrasive elements present within the formula, and the chemical peels, which are formulated with acids and deeply exfoliate the skin, favoring the replacement cell and the production of elastin and collagen.

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