Sun protection

Our organic and ecological sunscreens are formulated with latest generation mineral filters, clinically tested to guarantee protection and safety from UVA and UVB rays for the whole family. They are easy to spread and reef-friendly: with our sunscreens we make our contribution to the protection of the Mozambique Barrier Reef.

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What are the characteristics of the perfect organic solar?

The ideal organic sunscreen must be made up of natural ingredients, well tolerated by the skin and not polluting the seas, it must obviously offer UVA and UVB protection. It must be resistant to water and sweat, but also easy to apply, photo and thermo stable, safe and effective. It must not have allergens, it must be rich in antioxidants, it must be made with physical filters. It must have an excellent texture and must not leave white trails.

These were our guidelines for formulating our SPF50 sun cream, perfect for children and sensitive skin and also available in a travel format for travel, and our two sun milks with SPF30 and SPF20, very light and perfumed. Physical filters are also present in our anti-aging face cream with spf 30 suitable for all skin types and ideal for use in the city against smog and oxidative stress.

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