We are convinced that big changes start with small everyday actions, and that we should all do everything we can to 'leave the world a little better than when we found it'. We decided to start with soap!

And thus, boundless enthusiasm and a big dream led to La Saponaria, a conscious laboratory for the artisanal production of natural cosmetics!

Our grandmother's stories, our passion for good, wholesome things, our desire to do our best to leave a light footprint on the road we travel and to make the most of our studies: these are just some of the ingredients that shaped La Saponaria.

Our roots and our values


Biostorie is a network of places where you can discover the history of our conscious cosmetics and create some fragrant new stories together. Our Biostories are where our values - passion, ethics, sustainability, craftsmanship and love for the earth - come to life. That's why we feel the term “stores” is reductive. These are places where you can stop by, find out about our supply chains, learn about ingredients, and try our products!

In our Biostories, you can see, touch and smell our whole world. Each month, you can take part in lots of different events, where our Beauty Experts will be ready to pamper you, help you build your beauty routine and create customised cosmetics!

our flagship stores