We want to be sustainable and ecological at 360 degrees. This is why even in the company, in everyday life, we pay attention to the little big things.

Energy saving and green energy

We moved in 2019: our new laboratory is more energy efficient and powered exclusively by green energy from 100% renewable sources. Here we use energy-saving technologies and have created a circular production system capable of minimizing processing waste: our laboratory is designed to consume as little as possible and to produce very little waste material.

Our coffee machine

Our coffee machine is special: it does not use capsules, but grinds the coffee on the spot!

We can therefore buy coffee beans directly from fair trade. To do this we have made an agreement with the machine manufacturers who have made the changes just for us! In addition to being able to choose the coffee we want, our machine no longer dispenses disposable cups: each of us brings his own cup which we then wash in our kitchen. We have calculated that from 2019 to today we are saving for each year:

- 15,000 coffee capsules

- 15,000 plastic cups

- 15,000 plastic sticks

Even a small habit like coffee can become a way to take care of our beloved Planet.

Waste sorting

In all our environments, from offices, to warehouses, to production, we have implemented separate waste collection: it now seems obvious, yet in many workplaces this is not the case. We have made an agreement with the Municipality that has made available more bins for separate waste collection.

Drinking water dispenser

When a newcomer comes to work in La Saponaria, he/she is given one of our water bottles: in this way, he/she can go and fill it as many times as he/she wants in our drinking water dispenser. The dispenser supplies water at room temperature, cold and hot, for those who prefer to make an herbal tea.

Our sustainable packages

Every day many parcels leave from La Saponaria: all our parcels are made of recycled paper and are plastic free. The products are protected from recycled paper scraps and even the scotch tape is made of paper. We take care of every detail to better respect the Planet.

For some time we have also been using recycled paper pallets: compared to traditional wooden pallets, to be created there was no need to cut down a new tree and they are much easier to dispose of for our retailers who receive them. They can in fact be thrown into the paper collection and be recycled again and not treated as a special waste, which wood actually is!

Our logistics are internal: also in this way we are able to be more sustainable. From the laboratory we do not have to ship the goods to a warehouse which then takes care of distributing the products to customers but we manage everything internally with our fantastic warehouse guys who put care and attention in every package we send.

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The Rewind project

The pallets, when traveling, must be wrapped in a plastic film. We have joined the Rewind project which allows us not to have to dispose of the film coming from incoming goods but, thanks to an F2F (Film to Film) recycling process, we can transform it into a new film ready to be used. In addition to a significant reduction in the environmental impact, which will soon be quantified with an LCA study, the project guarantees important economic savings. The project was approved as Best Practice in Circular Economy by ENEA ICESP. Saving the Planet also allows us to save!