We have chosen prodigious extracts obtained with technologically advanced methods to create a synergy that acts internally and externally on cellulite blemishes, localized fat deposits, heaviness and capillary fragility. 100% organic natural formulas with highly functional and effective active ingredients. Fucus and iodine free!

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Synergistic treatment against cellulte Fitocell In & Out to act from inside and outside

Cellulite is a popular and democratic blemish: it affects men and women, even if the latter are a large majority! In fact, it is estimated that around 80% of women have cellulite. Having it certainly does not compromise our beauty: every woman is beautiful in a myriad of nuances not related to her physical appearance, and there are as many nuances that make us unique and special, including those small defects that are part of each of us!

However, if we want to feel lighter and fitter we can rely on a combined In&Out treatment, to fight it from within with Fitocell - a draining anti-cellulite food supplement and from the outside with Fitocell - a strong cream for cellulite blemishes. The cream has no hot or cold effect and is fucus and iodine free. To complete your anti-cellulite routine you can do a body scrub 1 or 2 times a week and have a draining massage with Fitocell - Body oil.

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