Powder cleansers

Shower gel, shampoo and powdered hand soaps to rehydrate, formulated with natural ingredients that take care of skin, hair and our wonderful planet! They do not need plastic packaging and take up less space than a traditional bottle, saving a lot of C02!

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Fire to the dust! The revolution of zero waste cosmetics has arrived!

These are powdered cosmetics to rehydrate: shower gel, shampoo and hand soaps ready to take care of skin and hair with a very light impact on our Planet! The line is called Eco-Pow(d)er and starts from a basic idea: how can we eliminate plastic bottles while keeping liquid products extremely comfortable? 

With powdered cosmetics to re-hydrate: just take the contents of an envelope, empty it into an aluminum bottle that we will reuse every time and add 200ml of water. Shake well and wait 30 minutes and your rehydrating powder cosmetic is ready to use.

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