Face serums and eye contour

Discover all the La Saponaria face serums to take care of your skin in a natural way!

Pure active ingredients with a targeted and specific action alongside serums formulated to meet every need of your face skin

Lift&Restore Eye Contour

PROAGE COMPLEX-12 serum and mask with peptides, bromelain, and marine ferments


Eye Mask Kit

The kit for a perfect anti-aging and illuminating eye mask

€23.13 €25.70 -10%
  • -10%
  • Pack

WOW Kit contorno occhi

A fabulous WOW KIT that contains everything you need for a really wow look!

€21.42 €23.80 -10%
  • -10%
  • Pack

Pure Actives Kit

The Kit contains all the pure anti-aging Actives!

€32.94 €36.60 -10%
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  • Pack

Face - Pure Actives...

The ideal kit for those looking for a skin without imperfections

€34.74 €38.60 -10%
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  • Pack

Vitamin C

Pure Active - Illuminating and anti-blemish face serum


Plant Collagen

Pure Active - Toning and lifting facial serum


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Face serums and Pure Actives to enhance your beauty routine

The face serum is a cosmetic with a concentrated formula, a light texture and a specific action: it can be anti-imperfection, anti-aging, illuminating, stimulating. In skin care, the face serum completes and enhances the effectiveness of the cream, acting in synergy with it on various levels.

It is always applied after cleansing and before the face cream and often it is also possible to apply different serums, making them work together in order to respond to the different needs of our skin: do we have combination and mature skin? We can combine two or more specific serums together!

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