Shaving and skin care

Innovative and light formulas specifically designed for men's skin. The skin subjected to shaving is in fact more sensitive and thinner: for this reason it is good to treat it with non-aggressive ingredients but formulated to refresh, nourish and soothe.

CBD After Shave Balm

After shave fluid with refreshing and smoothing action, quickly absorbed...


Shaving mousse

Shaving mousse soothing and moisturizing action with Cannabis Sativa, sage...


Face - Man routine

The Kit contains Shaving Mousse, After Shave Balm and Face Cream.

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Do we really need specific products for men's skin and hair? Yes, that's why!

Let's immediately dispel the myth that men don't use cosmetics, that they don't wash and that they don't have special needs. On the contrary, men's facial skin is subject to frequent shaving: this makes it more stressed than women's and this can cause irritation and hypersensitivity. That's why it's important to use delicate, soothing products, formulated with organic and natural ingredients.

Like the soothing and refreshing Shaving Mousse, without alcohol or gas, the CBD After Shave Balm and the Anti-aging Face Cream with CBD, an ingredient that promotes cell renewal, reduces inflammation, regulates sebum production.

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