La Saponaria is a Benefit Company

We founded La Saponaria with a very specific idea (and a dream): to do our best to make the world a little cleaner and better than what we found. We have chosen to do this by producing cosmetics that are not only good for those who use them, but also good for the planet and for society. That's why we think this new legal form represents us better.

Benefit companies are in fact companies that have decided to pursue goals of common benefit and are developing in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment.

To become a Benefit Company we have changed our statute: we have formally integrated the traditional economic activity (producing cosmetics!) with the aim of having a positive impact on society and our planet.

To do this, every year we will have challenging goals that will see us working on different aspects from time to time.

Sustainability has always been a priority in our daily lives: we wanted to formalize our commitment, give it concreteness and measurability.

                              There will be 3 areas on which we will focus our actions in 2023:

Sustainability education

Disseminate sustainable models, practices and lifestyles through education, transparency and kind and widespread customer assistance.

Ethical work and growth

Building an even more ethical, fair, collaborative and inclusive work environment that values ​​everyone's merits and generates opportunities for growth.

Environmental impacts

Further reduce the environmental impact of our products and our activities, through the responsible use of resources at all levels.

"Together to make a difference,
one shower at a time"

The first step

Our internal training events

At the end of 2021 we had various meetings together with our entire team on the meaning of becoming a Benefit Company: we all decided together what we are today! Then a smaller team worked on the purpose, the motto that describes us and that will guide all our future choices: "Together to make a difference, one shower at a time".

We then identified together the areas of common benefit and the measurable and challenging objectives that would have distinguished our path in this first year.

We have changed our statute!

We are now officially Benefit Company

Saponaria SRL no longer exists! We are now La Saponaria SRL Società Benefit and we have formalized our commitment to the environment before a notary.

We truly love our world: ours are not just words, but a concrete commitment that we want to measure and make as concrete as possible. Thanks to all the people who have believed in us over the years and have helped us grow: all together, through conscious choices, we can really make a difference.

Our attention is not only towards the environment, but also towards the territories, the people and the communities that live there.