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La Saponaria cosmetics are 100% conscious, certified as organic, without petrochemical ingredients, made with natural ingredients, 99% vegan. We choose light and environmentally-friendly packaging, fair pricing, an ethical, social and fair trade production chain, and we support social projects with a shared value. Our mission is producing effective products, good for those who use them and for the world we live in; becoming one of La Saponaria dealers means also sharing our vision.

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Why become a LaSaponaria reseller?

We truly believe we can save the world one shower at a time: we believe that small everyday gestures have a huge impact on our planet. This is why we work every day to ensure that our products are fully sustainable. By becoming our reseller you will become part of this dream .

We want everyone's work to be respected, even that of our resellers: this is why we do territorial protection . You will be the only one with our conscious cosmetics in your area.

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