Plastic free masks and scrubs

The zero waste and plastic free masks and scrubs by La Saponaria are Waterless beauty cosmetics, i.e. without water (or with little water!). These are concentrated cosmetics, easier to transport, lighter, less bulky. Just apply them on a wet face to get soft textures that are super easy to apply!


Bamboo brush for facial treatments


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Multi-masking with Waterless beauty, for a lighter impact on the Earth

Waterless beauty is the cosmetics of the future: they are cosmetics without water (or with little water) and that is concentrated cosmetics, easier to transport, lighter, less bulky, zero waste and plastic free. Apply to wet face to obtain rehydrated textures that are easier to apply. There is the Nice to Meet You Mousse Scrub for face & hand, to be used once a week to gently exfoliate the skin, and also the cream masks.

Forever Young, an anti-aging mask to smooth out wrinkles and give a fresh look, No Stress, a soothing face mask to hydrate and protect the most sensitive areas and Bye Bye Impurità, a purifying face mask to hydrate and purify combination and oily areas. The masks can then be combined with each other for a perfect multimasking to be applied with the Wonderbrush.

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