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It's not summer without sunscreen! Better to rely on organic and effective sunscreens with latest generation physical sunscreens and excellent INCI for the health of our skin and that of the sea! And for a beautiful, peaceful summer, we can also protect ourselves from annoying summer insects.

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After sun cream to refresh and soothe the skin, rich in precious, nourishing...


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The ideal sunscreen? It is organic and based on NON NANO physical filters

Sunscreens are preparations that are created to protect the skin from UV rays and to counteract cellular aging. In terms of sunscreens, nature also helps us under the umbrella: in fact, in recent years the formulations of organic sunscreens have achieved great goals, becoming more and more performing and decidedly comfortable on the skin, without the unsightly "ghost" effect.

Organic sunscreens differ from traditional sunscreens on the market due to the different types of filters they contain and consequently to the different mechanism of action: sunscreens can be chemical or physical.

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