• Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse
  • Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse
  • Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse

Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse

A good routine always starts with good cleansing: that's why Mousse Mirtilla is the ideal first step in any facial routine!

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Costituzionale face line
Dry skin
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Soft and gentle, this mousse pampers and gently cleanses even the most demanding skin, leaving it feeling light, clean and glowing.

Made with natural, sustainable ingredients, with a special formula encompassing all the energy and vitality of nature.

Contains Blueberry Constitutional Water, regenerating and antioxidant; Hyaluronic Acid, to leave skin glowing and moisturised; Venus Rice active extract, rich in minerals and natural antioxidants, and Marigold, a sweet, locally sourced ingredient to pamper and soothe even the most inflamed skin!

The bottle is made of sea plastic.


Gentle cleansing is the first beauty gesture for the skin. Dispense a shot of cleansing mousse onto the palm of your hand and apply it to your face, using circular movements, to thoroughly cleanse your skin, removing make-up, smog and everyday stress. Rinse well and apply your favourite serum or cream!

The ideal product for cleansing all skin types, including the most sensitive and reactive skin!

The bottle of our Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse is made of sea plastic, i.e. plastic collected from the oceans, sorted, recycled and re-used to reduce waste in our beloved sea.

Bottle: re-bottle plastic (HDPE 2) - plastic waste collection

Cap: plastic (PP5) - sorted plastic

Dispenser nozzle: plastic (PP5) - sorted plastic

Check local regulations.

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Active Ingredients

Upcycling : Blueberry Water

The blueberry constituent water present in our beauty products comes from the high Val Varaita and is a circular economy ingredient from a wonderful agricultural cooperative.

Valverbe has been producing organic teas since 1985 and represents the perfect blend of ancient herbal tradition and advanced research in new production technologies.

During the drying process of flowers and plants for the preparation of their teas, residual water is recovered and becomes a valuable ingredient for our beauty products.

Marine Plastic

The packaging of the Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse is made from marine plastic, which means it is plastic collected from the oceans, cleaned, sorted, and made available for use again.

Therefore, it is an even more environmentally friendly material than regular recycled plastic, which typically comes from industrial waste.

100% conscious cosmetics

We really love our world.

This is why our innovative formulas are designed to be sustainable, not only from the point of view of the ingredients, with an ethical or km0 supply chain, but also from the point of view of processing, always artisanal, and of packaging, light and ecological.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Ethic chain ingredients

Organic cosmetics

Renewable energy


Yes, with its gentle foam, the Mirtilla Mousse is perfect as a makeup remover that you can use in the second phase of double cleansing, which involves foaming cleansers.

To deeply cleanse your skin, you can perform double cleansing, a true beauty ritual that consists of two phases: the first cleansing with an oil-based product, which works by affinity, and the second cleansing with a foaming product, which works by contrast. For a perfect double cleansing, you can use the Melissa Cleansing Milk in the first phase and then Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse in the second phase.

Yes, its gentle cleansing foam is excellent as a makeup remover.

An ideal and complete routine can be structured as follows:

- Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse: a good routine always starts with proper cleansing. The Blueberry Mousse can be the first step in your routine.

- Active Constituent Water: choose according to your skin type.

- Facial Serum: you can use several in synergy with each other.

. Facial Cream: choose according to your skin type.

- 3-in-1 Eye Contour Cream for wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles for a stunning look.

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Mirtilla Cleansing Mousse

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