Citrus Reticulata Peel Oil




Astringent, soothing, fragrance


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Mandarin, also know as Tangerin (Citrus reticulata) belongs to the Rutaceae family. It is a small tree about 5 meters tall with oval, glossy leaves, small, very fragrant, white flowers. The fruit is spheroidal in shape, slightly flattened at the junction, with an orange-colored skin and internally divided into 8-10 wedges rich in juice.

It is originally from China and takes its name from the high officials of the ancient Chinese empire. In Europe it was only introduced in 1805 and today it is widespread in the Mediterranean regions. It is an evergreen plant subject to alternating production (one year it bears abundant fruit, while the following year it provides few mandarins). To grow luxuriantly, it needs a not too harsh climate and continuous exposure to sunlight. The fruits are harvested when fully ripe because detached from the plant they do not ripen, and last from autumn to winter, for a fairly short period of time.

Mandarin essential oil is obtained from the fresh peel of the fruit with the cold pressing method and an orange-colored liquid is obtained with an intense and rather sweet aroma.
In Aromatherapy it is used for its calming and relaxing function: it is effective in states of tension or restlessness and promotes the rest of children, especially those who experience difficulty falling asleep or emotional stress.
From an aesthetic point of view, it can be mixed with sweet almond oil for massages: the aim is to improve circulation by reactivating the microcirculation, reabsorb excess liquids and eliminate swelling, especially in the legs. Like most essential oils derived from citrus fruits, mandarin essential oil also has excellent astringent properties and is a natural sebum regulator. It is therefore particularly indicated in cases of impure skin or oily skin, resulting less aggressive than other essential oils derived from citrus fruits.
After cutaneous application it is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun for at least 12 hours, as it is photosensitizing.


Ethical chain

Sunprod Srl "Prodotti del Sole" is a recently created Sicilian company with more than thirty years of experience behind it.
Founded by Walter R. Ansorge in 2011 in Catania near the Etna Valley with the aim of making the wonderful gifts of the Sicilian lands known and appreciated, this explains the name "Prodotti del Sole". The products such as essential oils, juices and citrus concentrates are of the highest quality, with complete traceability and some, such as those chosen by us, are certified organic in compliance with CE regulation Nr.834/07 and controlled by Ecogruppo Italia. Oranges, tangerines, lemons and more are processed in full respect of the raw material in order to guarantee excellent quality, to preserve their properties and guarantee their stability. The processes are carried out with the latest generation technologies with a view to environmental sustainability and protection of the supply chain through fair remuneration of the operators involved.