Iris Pallida Root Extract




Moisturizing, soothing, fragrance


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The Iris genus includes at least two hundred species of plants of the Iridaceae family. The genus name comes from the Greek word Iris which means rainbow.

The iris is a perennial medicinal plant, which can grow from 10 to 80 cm based on its position and the conditions in which it grows. It is certainly one of the most appreciated flowers by women, both for its elegance and for its intense purple colour. The iris flowers are well developed and have six petals each, which bloom between May and July.

Iris extract is obtained from the plant, in particular from the rhizome, which is widely used in cosmetics thanks to the many properties it possesses.

In fact, this extract promotes skin self-regulation processes: thanks to the ability of the Iris to store water and manage its resources, it facilitates a balanced supply of liquids in the layers of the skin, giving it a refreshing, moisturizing and illuminating effect.

It also strengthens the skin's defenses and helps maintain the hydrolipidic balance, regulating the production of sebum, the imbalance of which can lead to the appearance of some impurities, including blackheads.

This extract, however, also has valuable soothing properties; it is also used to pleasantly perfume some cosmetics.

It can be found in creams, lotions or serums for dry, mature skin.

Ethical chain

We entrust the collection and processing of the Iris extract present in our products to Herbartem, a small artisan laboratory in Macerata, which deals with the production of plant extracts starting from spontaneous vegetable raw material or from organic farming. The collection environment is located in the neighboring areas of the Monti Sibillini National Park, where there are more than 1,800 species of flora. These places, between 800 and 1600 m, are far from large industrial complexes and therefore offer an uncontaminated environment rich in medicinal species. The collection of wild herbs requires good botanical knowledge and an ecological spirit, in order not to alter the habitat with a massive collection. The aim is to obtain high quality macerates free from contaminants. The herbal preparations are prepared with accuracy and scientific rigor by two young graduates in Herbal Techniques, to ensure the presence of the active ingredients inside the plants while preserving their therapeutic functionality in the best possible way.