Chicory Prebiotic





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Chicory Prebiotic

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Inulin, Fructose

The chicory prebiotic is extracted from the chicory root and purified through enzymatic hydrolysis. It is a scientifically approved prebiotic that makes our skin and the associated microbiota more resistant. In the human body there are districts in which numerous microorganisms are naturally present which coexist with our organism without causing it any damage, defined for this as "good bacteria". This set of microorganisms is also called microbiota an ecosystem in perfect balance with our body, precious for our immune defenses and for the well-being of the intestines and skin. Healthy-looking skin is guaranteed thanks to the balanced and diversified presence of these microorganisms, which actively act against external threats, regulating the biofilm and stimulating the immune system. Without this balance, sensitivity and skin reactivity can increase with manifestations such as acne, dermatitis, dandruff, rosacea, etc. This ecosystem is strongly influenced by our lifestyle and by physiopathological situations of anxiety and stress which often alter these skin defenses. The new frontier in the cosmetic field is precisely that of adopting and researching natural solutions that are able to strengthen and protect this bacterial presence that is essential for the skin, an approach that introduces the use of new cosmetic ingredients, i.e. prebiotics that can be easily added to emulsions or creams thus strengthening the good bacteria present in everyone's body.

What is a Prebiotic? Prebiotics are plant-derived ingredients that represent a source of nourishment for these "good bacteria" which use these "prebiotic fibers" to grow and multiply, thus improving the general balance of the epithelial bacterial flora. The chicory prebiotic therefore has the function of rebalancing the microbiota, thus preserving the health and beauty of the skin, enhancing its barrier effect and giving it a healthy appearance; it is also able to act on the regulation of the microorganisms responsible for the production of body odor, equally present on the epidermis, without clogging the pores and without having a comedogenic effect. It is particularly useful in case of stressed and reddened skin to restore the natural balance and soothe irritation. The efficacy of the chicory prebiotic has been tested in various ways, verifying its action in various contexts:

  • Efficacy of the chicory prebiotic with respect to microorganisms: the efficacy of the chicory prebiotic was tested by evaluating the degree of metabolization of the prebiotic by microorganisms, by observing the decrease in pH after 96 hours. It has been observed that microorganisms are unable to metabolize the prebiotic in any way, which in this way strengthens the natural flora of the skin, disadvantageing harmful bacteria.

  • Action of the chicory prebiotic against P. Acnes: P. Acnes is a bacterium that normally lives on our skin, but which, following various mechanisms, can play a role in the pathogenesis of acne by determining that inflammatory reaction typical of this problem. The action of the prebiotic against this bacterium was tested by incubating P. Acnes in anaerobic conditions for 24 hours in the presence of different concentrations of chicory prebiotic. The quantity of bacterium was quantified through DNA analysis with PCR which confirmed that higher concentrations of prebiotic correspond to lower concentrations of P. Acnes.

  • Microbiota balancing action: The action of the chicory prebiotic on the microbiota was tested after damaging the skin with ethanol. Through this in vivo test it has been demonstrated that the chicory prebiotic is actually able to rebalance and restabilize the skin microbiota with an efficacy of 170% after 4h.