Antiage Face Line

Anti-aging skincare line for mature skin: a comprehensive treatment with intensive action.

Four products and an accessory designed for the 360-degree well-being of mature and demanding skin. Ultra-rich formulas certified organic and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, with targeted and intensive action for a comprehensive anti-aging treatment.

As we know, collagen production begins to decrease as early as age 25, but signs of aging are generally mild. By age 40, the signs become more pronounced and new changes emerge. During menopause, these phenomena tend to worsen due to the decrease in estrogen levels, and the skin tends to become more sensitive. Our new anti-aging line, thanks to innovative actives and targeted formulas, is the ideal routine to address all the needs of these skin types.

Anti-aging face line for mature skin

Lift&Restore Eye Contour

PROAGE COMPLEX-12 serum and mask with peptides, bromelain, and marine ferments


Eye Mask Kit

The kit for a perfect anti-aging and illuminating eye mask

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