• Double cleansing kit

Double cleansing kit

Contains a free make-up remover gel oil, micellar water and bamboo make-up remover wipe

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The Kit for a Perfect Double Cleansing, Organic and Sustainable. It includes:

- a Cleansing Oil Gel

- a Micellar Water

- until 30 September 2023 a Washable Bamboo Cleansing Wipe as a gift!

The wipe reduces waste, and thanks to the gentleness of bamboo fibers, it's suitable even for sensitive and delicate skin. It doesn't need to be thrown away after use; simply wash and reuse it!

This is part of an important solidarity project: in fact, it's produced in the sewing workshop of the Social Cooperative Oikos, which provides employment opportunities for women in the Vigevano women's prison. Dimensions: 10 x 15 cm.

It's a real ritual for deep skin cleansing that involves two phases:

PHASE 1: Oil-based cleansing that works by affinity.

PHASE 2: Foaming-based cleansing that works by contrast.

Every good skincare routine starts with good cleansing, as it's essential for the skin to be ready for all the subsequent steps. That's why double cleansing can truly make a difference in every daily beauty routine and give the face a radiant glow!

Oil-Based Cleansing: The oil in the product binds to all the oily elements on the skin, such as makeup, sebum, and dirt, effectively dissolving them.

Foaming-Based Cleansing: The foaming cleanser contains surfactants that allow water to bind with the oily part. When it encounters the sebum and dirt on the skin, it forms structures called micelles that can trap the oily part inside them while also binding to water through their hydrophilic outer part. This allows them to be carried away during rinsing. This second phase works deeply, removing any residues, dead skin cells, and dullness from your face.

The Double Cleansing Kit is suitable for all skin types, including dry or sensitive skin. The oil gel moisturizes the skin right from the cleansing phase, while the Micellar Water contains ingredients that prevent the skin from drying out.

It's ideal for all those who want a thorough cleansing to rediscover a new radiance in their complexion.

The double cleansing routine can be done every evening before going to bed.

The Double Cleansing Kit is truly sustainable!

The Cleansing Oil Gel, the Micellar Water in a bioplastic bottle, a sustainable plant-based polymer without petrochemicals derived from sugarcane. The Bamboo Cloth is washable and comes from a vocational reintegration project involving women from the Vigevano prison.

Cleansing Oil Gel
Jar: Glass GL 70
Cap: Aluminum C/ALU 90
Safeguard: Plastic PS 6

Micellar Water
Bottle: Plastic HDPE 2 - separate collection plastic
Cap: Plastic PP5 - separate collection plastic.

Please check your local regulations.

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Double cleansing kit

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