Eco-Powder Line

Eco-Pow(d)er: the powdered revolution of zero waste cleaning!

An innovative concept of cosmetics with super powers at the service of sustainability! Shower gel, shampoo and powdered hand soaps to rehydrate, formulated with natural ingredients that take care of skin, hair and our wonderful planet!

Less plastic, more fun!

Our powder cosmetics do not need plastic packaging, thus reducing the production of CO2 and avoiding the dispersion of plastic material in the environment. All delicious Eco-Pow(d)er sachets are made from FSC recycled paper.

In addition, each Eco-Pow(d)er powder is formulated with 99% less water than a traditional product. This means that during transport a sachet of ecopowder weighs less and takes up less space than a traditional bottle, thus saving a lot of C02! Did you know that on average a lorry travels 1000km and to absorb the C02 of a single journey you need about 6 trees and 1 whole year of time?

Ecopowder line

Eco Powder Savings Kit -...

The kit contains 4 shower gels + 4 hand soaps in powder form to rehydrate.

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