Refill Roll-on Biodeos

BioDeo roll-on deodorants are back, but this time they are infinitely refillable!

In the course of our lives, we use on average more than 400 deodorants.  Each deodorant has its own packaging, usually plastic, which must be thrown away once the product is finished, producing a great deal of waste. Imagine putting them in a row, one after the other, and you get the length of almost two football pitches!

What if this waste could be avoided? With Biodeo refillable roll-on applicators you can say goodbye to disposable plastic! 

By using the refillable roll-on applicator together with your favourite Biodeo refill you get a classic roll-on deodorant but with a much lighter impact on the planet!

The three Biodeo refills have organic formulas rich in natural and functional ingredients. They are truly effective deodorants, without alcohol or aluminium salts, which naturally combat unpleasant odours without clogging pores and leaving your armpits free to breathe!


Grace - Biodeo Refill

Mild deodorant for sensitive armpits. Cornflower & Marigold. No perfume...


Alaska - Biodeo Refill

Sport deodorant for long-lasting fresh armpits - Lime, Tea Tree & Sage -...