Solid Biodeos

Four solid deodorants that are gentle on the skin but ruthless against unpleasant odours!

Solid BioDeos are compact deodorants with long-lasting action and totally zero waste!

The prebiotics in the formula naturally combat unpleasant odours by rebalancing the microbiome and preserving good bacterial flora. For an effective and super comfortable action, without clogging pores!

Solid BioDeos are compact, coloured and totally Zero Waste for armpits free of unpleasant odours in the gentlest and most sustainable way possible!

Solid Biodeos

Cotton Cloud

Solid mild Biodeo for sensitive skin Marigold & rice. Fragrance-free



Solid long-lasting deodorant. White thyme & tea tree. Fresh and energising...


Summer Crush

Solid deodorant for wild armpits. Tangerine & Grapefruit. Exotic and fruity...


Biodeo Sweet Hug

Solid deodorant for sensitive skin. Murumuru & Rose. Floral fragrance


Fresco solid deodorant kit

Green applicator + 1 Biodeo Himalayan + 1 Biodeo Summer Crush

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