Wonder Pop - solid face cosmetics

A colorful line, full of active ingredients and totally Zero Waste! With Wonder Pop you can create an entire zero impact beauty routine! Being naturally beautiful is important and now you can do it by doing good for our earth. Wonder Pop is also happiness and creativity: have fun mixing all the masks to create the most suitable MultiMask for you!

Why are they irresistible?

- No more water, more room for the active! Wonder Pop cosmetics are almost totally water-free.

- Get rid of the plastic! Wonder Pop cosmetics are contained in a recycled cardboard box: a totally plastic-free packaging with which we want to declare our love to the whole world!

- Yes to creativity! We are unique and all different and our skin is too! With Wonder Pop masks we can take care of our face in a super personalized way.

- Yes to innovation! Wonder Pop cosmetics have a unique and innovative formula: compact texture, almost total absence of water, zero preservatives, very high concentration of performing active ingredients and a chameleonic formula that will surprise

Wonder Pop - Solid face cosmetics


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