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Vegetable Keratin

Hair Active Spray. Restructuring + Volumizing

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Curly hair
Dry hair
Frizzy hair
Hair loss

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A spray treatment that restructures the hair shaft, preventing and reducing breakage, making it thicker and shinier for a healthy and voluminous mane.

Enriched with rose and cornflower for shiny hair and a burst of floral energy. Suitable for all hair types, curly and straight, thanks to its lightweight texture, specifically designed to avoid the "build-up" effect, which is the dreaded accumulation of product on the hair.

Active Ingredients:

Our vegetable keratin is rich in peptides, oligopeptides, and polypeptides aimed at restructuring and repairing the hair, protecting it from oxidative damage. It contains a significant amount of cysteine and sulfur. Ideal for bleached, fine, and easily breakable hair.

Restructuring effect, also ideal after dyeing. Effectively prevents shaft breakage and split ends, restoring the hair's three-dimensional structure.

Volumizing effect on the hair, leading to an increase in the thickness of each individual strand by 17%. The hair appears more voluminous and full.

Apply to damp hair for at least 4 weeks and continue with styling.  Avoid contact with eyes.

Ideal for hair in need of volume and shine! Perfect for all hair types, especially for those that are fine and easily breakable.

Our hair actives are precious, which is why we've chosen UV-protected bottles to ensure their maximum effectiveness. And that's not all! The bottles are made from recycled plastic, known as re-bottle, which means post-consumer recycled plastic – plastic that's been used, brought back to life, and reused to reduce waste on our planet. It's an even greener material than regular recycled plastic!

Bottle: R-PET 1 - recycled plastic re-bottle - plastic recycling

Cap and Dispenser: C/PP92 - plastic recycling

Check the regulations of your municipality.

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Active Ingredients

Proven effectiveness

Laboratory tests show the effectviness of the treatment on fragile hair before and after the application of the product.

Vegetable keratine has restructuring effects on the hair flux: it effectively prevents the flux from breaking and the ends from splitting, thus restoring the natural three-dimensional structure of the hair.

More volume for your hair

Laboratory tests show the volumizing effetct on the hair.

The thickness of the flux increases of 17% after the application of the product. Overall, the hair look thicker and more voluminous.

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Vegetable Keratin

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