• Face - Dilatated pores routine
  • Face - Dilatated pores routine

Face - Dilatated pores routine

The Kit to deal with dilatated pores and imperfection

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Enlarged pores are the crux of many! They differ from normal skin pores precisely because of their size and thickness which makes them visible to the naked eye and makes the skin appear less uniform and smooth.

Among the most common causes is excessive sebum production, in fact those most affected by dilated pores are combination and oily skin. To deal with this situation, valid help comes from the right skin care routine and the Dilated Pores Kit allows you to build an ad hoc beauty routine that can be structured by following these steps:

step 1. cleanse with the Deep Pure facial cleanser, specific for combination skin and super delicate: a good routine always starts with good cleansing

step 2. soothe, with witch hazel hydrolate, which has soothing and purifying properties, for smooth and luminous skin

step 3. purifies, with Niacinamide and Phytoretinol, to be used together or alternately in the morning and evening

step 4 - day routine, hydrates and purifies, with the Stay Matte face cream, mattifying and uniforming

step 4 - night routine, hydrate and regulate sebum, with the Melissa face cream, sebum regulating and hydrating

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Ideal for building a complete beauty routine to combat dilatated pores and imperfections!

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Face - Dilatated pores routine

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